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12 août

 FeedBurner to the rescue  — Ecrit par Guillaume

Thanks to Cédric's suggestion, I'm now using FeedBurner to proxy my Atom news feed of my new blog.

If ever I'm changing blog software again, or want to change the URLs of my feed, etc, I won't have to bother you again to update your bookmarks or feed reader settings!

So here are the details again:

That should be the last time you really udpate :-)

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 This blog is moving, update your bookmarks!  — Ecrit par Guillaume

This blog is moving to a new location. All the technical articles plus some others have been migrated to the new blog (written in Groovy with the Gaelyk framework). Will remain here essentially Stéphanie's articles

Make sure to update your bookmarks and feed readers:

Thanks a lot for your attention, and sorry for the inconvenience!

UPDATE: Thanks to Cédric suggestion, I actually decided to use FeedBurner for my feed, instead of my own feed. So if ever I change my blog software or something, I won't have to ask you again to update your bookmark or feed reader settings.

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